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Here are a list of different management companies Liat Painting and Construction has worked with over the years - and some, for decades. We continue to work with all of them!

While some of the listed companies are in Dallas we are not limited to this area. We can help companies in any location in the continental USA. We currently have completed jobs in other Texas markets and in other states. Ask us about your part of the country for more local references.

Westdale Asset Management:
Joe Beard / Chuck Hickson
Dallas, Texas
(214) 515-7000

Working together from 1983
to the present....

Westdale Hills Multi Sections
2,139 Units Rehab work
Euless, Texas

Magnolia Hills
396 Units Rehab Work
Norcross, Georgia

Wyvenwood Gardens
1200 Units Rehab Work
Los Angeles, CA

Ski Lodge Phase I, II and III
1846 Units Rehab Work
Birmingham, Alabama


Milestone Management
Steve Lamberti / Rodney Burris
Dallas, Texas
(214) 561-1220

Working together from 1994
to the present....

Bentley Green / Sandpiper
820 Units Rehab Work
Jacksonville, FL

Silverado Apartments
256 Units Rehab Work
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Argosy Apartments
288 Units Rehab Work
Austin, Texas

Nashboro Village
1000 Units Rehab Work
Nashville, Tennessee


JAW Equity Management
David Trusty
Houston, Texas
(281) 463-7812 Ext. 102

Working together from 2007
to the present....

Breckenridge Court
272 Units Rehab Work
Houston, Texas

The Lodge Apartments
340 Units Rehab Work
Houston, Texas

The Pointe Apartments
168 Units Rehab Work
Galveston, Texas

Boardwalk of Baytown
290 Units Rehab Work
Baytown, Texas



Price Realty
Renee’ Blustein
Addison, Texas
(972) 788-1925

Working together from 1997
to the present....

Preston Pointe Apartments
600 Units Rehab Work
Dallas, Texas

Custer Park Apartments
232 Units Exterior Rehab Work
Plano, Texas

Woodland Oaks Apartments
240 Units Rehab Work
Ft. Worth, Texas

Heather Ridge Apartments
252 Units Rehab Work
Arlington, Texas



Fairmont Management
Mike Kottwitz
Dallas, Texas
(972) 386-0971

Working together from 2001
to the present....

Country Club Apartments
180 Units Rehab Work
Carrollton, Texas

Hillcrest Villas
100 Units Rehab Work
Dallas, Texas

Quail Village
288 Units Rehab Work
Balch Springs, Texas

Wingren Village
260 Units Rehab Work
Irving, Texas



Motel 6 / Accor North America
Don Hansen
Carrollton, Texas
(972) 677-4523

Working together from 2005
to the present....

Motel 6 #1125 Addison
147 Room Rehab Work
Addison, Texas

Motel 6 #483 Tampa
150 Room Rehab Work
Tampa, Florida

Motel 6 # 265 Russellville
79 Room Rehab Work
Russellville, Arkansas

Motel 6 # 440 Savannah
122 Room Rehab Work
Savannah, Georgia

For more references, please contact us with your questions or comments.

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